Buy A Quiz

If you’d rather run your quiz night without our involvement, this is where you can buy the quiz either as a one-off or on a subscription basis. They’re £10 + VAT each if you subscribe weekly, or £20 + VAT each otherwise.


Our quiz is fresh, colourful, innovative, and interactive. It takes over 50 hours to compile and it’s always written during the week of release so it’s fresh and up-to-date.


A lot of passion, meticulous attention to detail and research goes into it so you can be sure it’s the best quality quiz available.  We guarantee you won’t be sent repeated questions or wrong answers.


It’s continuously evolving with new and exciting features but the following come as standard:

  • 40 questions - hand-picked and beautifully crafted.

  • Full-colour A4 picture round. Sample

  • ‘Spot-the-intro’ music round covering 6 decades of pop. 

  • Mystery voices.

  • TV themes / musicals / film quotes or similar.

  • 2 spot-prize questions.

  • Wipeout round.

  • Tie-breaker question.

  • Team answer sheet. Sample


If you’re looking for a one-off quiz for a charity or corporate event then look at our page on private quizzes.


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